Friday, April 17, 2009

Panama Viejo

One of the most interesting parts of Panama City for me, was Panama Viejo. Panama Viejo is the original site of the city, built in the late 1500's/early 1600's. In 1671, Henry Morgan sacked the city, by coming up the Chagris River. Below is the Church tower, which was the most intact of the ruins.
Jesse wanted to be all arty, so he tried to do an artistic shot of the church tower.
Panama was originally used as a trading spot. Gold and silver came up the Pacific Ocean from Peru, went to Panama city, crossed the isthmus, and then was sent to Europe. The city was very wealthy, and for that reason, Henry Morgan sacked it.

The ruins are surrounded by the modern aspect of the city; skyscrapers and highways. It added an interesting dynamic to the ruins.

The ruins also contained a convent, a huge water well (that could hold somewhere like 100,000 gallons of water), and houses. The Panamanians moved their city to Casco Viejo after Henry Morgan's attack to use nature for protection. Henry Morgan burned the city to the ground, and only the ruins were left. Then he returned to England and was made a knight. The British royalty didn't realize that he completely sacked a city. He then was given a post on Jamaica, where he died.

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