Sunday, September 6, 2009

Anniversary and One Master's Class Down

This Saturday was a big day for us in two ways- one, we have now officially been dating for one year; two, we finished our first master's class from the University of Alabama.

The master's class was linguistics for teachers, with a focus on second language acquisition. How we acquire/learn language really interests me, more than Jesse, but overall the class was intense but good. The first of 10 courses is done! Well, except for the final exam.

Our anniversary was yesterday. We celebrated being together officially for one year (what officially means anyway I really don't know) by going out to eat. We went to a restaurant called Un Toro y Siete Vacas which means One bull and 7 cows. This was a fancy place. Cloth napkins, an extensive wine list, and a waiter to refill our wine glasses. We both got rib eye steaks, about the size of both hands for the nice price of $9 each. Add a bottle of red wine, two side dishes, and a salmon appetizer, we spent about $45-$50 dollars. I love the prices in Latin America.

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