Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Part II- The Festival

The festival begins at quarter past 5, with the kids all excited and dressed in their wonderful costumes. It contains a magic show for the kids, a parade, trick or treating in the classrooms and then games. This year, my 5th graders had a special presentation for the school, a Thriller dance, which they did twice- once for the students, once for the parents during the parade.

My teaching partner Tim and I.

The "Melrose Apartment Ladies", Chaya, Shauna and myself.
Jesse and I before the nighttime teacher party.


Caitlin said...

Sweet costumes! Why is Jenna a rabbit?

alopezbarton said...

I just explained to Caitlin that Jenna is a Hare because of her last name. But what I want to know is what am I? I couldn't make out the drawing on Jesse's facebook page. I got Stapel as Yoda and Dan with a huge head I assume because he is married to Ana unless I didn't get that one. Let me know what I am because it looks like I'm a cat being Hung?