Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Easter Island- Day 2 Tongariki

After visiting the rock quarry from the previous post, we walked a little ways down to see Tongariki, the most famous ahu (the platform where the moai were placed). This is the one from all the pictures- 15 moai, sitting beautifully against an ocean landscape. We could see Tongariki from the quarry first, so that's how we knew which direction to head.
This ahu was absolutely beautiful. We took tons and tons of pictures, and below are some of my favorites.

Can you see Jesse and me in the picture?

Here is Jesse, just so you can see how big these things really are.

The island of Rapa Nui (or Easter Island) is roughly 15 miles long and a little less than 8 miles wide at its widest part. We were thinking that doesn't sound so bad, so we hitchhiked our way around the island. It worked great for going towards the quarry (Rano Raraku) but it didn't work so well going back to the city of Hanga Roa. It seems that everyone was heading towards the beach (which was past the quarry) and no one was heading back to Hanga Roa! We ended up walking for, we guess, around 8 miles before getting picked up by a local truck.

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