Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nazca Lines

Our final destination in the land of Peru was the city of Nazca and a trip to the Nazca Lines. The lines were created by a group of Pre-Incan people who lived in this area of Peru. Very little is known about the people and about the lines. The "Lines" are designs created by these people that are only able to be seen by plane. So we took a little 40 minute flight in a tiny 5 seater plane to see them.
Some interesting facts about the lines are: since they were created in a desert (one of the driest in the world) the lines have been incredibly preserved; some of the creatures the pictures are of would have been impossible for the ancient peoples to have actually seen, i.e. a whale, martian, shark, monkey, etc., which intrigues scientists as to how they were created and why.

Can you spot the following pictures in the photos below? Spider, Monkey, Hummingbird, and a Martian?
These were our clearest photos. I happened to become a little airsick from the whole experience (40 minutes in a tiny plane rotating from side to side so that each window on the plane could see), so Jesse was our official photographer. After the flight, we visited the small museum in town dedicated to this Pre-Incan civilization and realized that not much is known about this culture. More research is needed to really explain why and how the people created such enormous (many over 200 meters long) pictures in the sand.

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