Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monte de Ombues and La Paloma, Uruguay

After Cabo, we went to a went to a national park with a population of the national plant/tree the ombues. Biologists don't know exactly how to classify the plant, because its huge like a tree, but doesn't grow like a tree, it grows like a bush. Anyway, they were pretty cool and along the way there we saw some amazing waterfowl.
After the park, we went to La Paloma which is known for its surfing. Jess and I had tried surfing two years ago in Costa Rica, and he wanted to try it again. He needs more practice!
La Paloma was a very chill beach town, but one thing that was cool was that they had a whale skeleton in the center of town. Here, Flat Tristan (my cousin's flat person who took the trip with us) had his picture taken with the skeleton.


Caitlin said...

Why is flat tristan hiding behind a bush!?!
We also had a flat person with us this spring break....ours didn't get to see any dinos though, he was too busy underwater.

alopezbarton said...

I can tell that Jesse's science nerdiness has rubbed off on you Jenna.