Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Centro Educativo Mbaracayu

Last Thursday through Saturday a group of girls from the Centro Educativo Mbaracayu visited our school and enjoyed a visit to Asuncion. The girls live in a forest reserve in Southeastern Paraguay and come from extremely poor families. They attend an all girls school founded to give the girls a chance at an education that they would never have otherwise in hopes that they will avoid getting pregnant while very young and eventually raise a family and pass on their education to all of their kids. The school was founded and is funded by someone with ties to the ASA community and our school has decided to take a role in helping the school succeed (at least I hope this is the goal). The girls gave us presentations to describe where they live and their schools and attended the science fair that our 10-12th graders put on at school on Friday as well as staying with host families of students and teachers during their trip. They were extremely polite and very willing to talk about their school once approached and I hope they enjoyed their experience and trip. The video below is a preview of a documentary made about their school and definitely merits a look.

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