Friday, December 2, 2011

Funny Student Conversation

I have to share a funny student conversation from today. In my last class of the day today two girls were sitting in the front desk working on their homework assignment while the rest of the class was chatting quietly and working at the same time. Girl #1 had spilled some juice in her backpack and was also trying to clean/dry it out while working on her assignment. She is a rather vocal student and after cleaning the bag and complaining quietly about her wet notebook she said quite loudly "Man I hate juice." The entire class went silent and Girl #2 who was sitting at the desk with her paused for a moment before a bewildered look came over her face and she said, "What did you say?" Girl #1 said, "It just made all of my stuff dirty and wet." Girl #2 looked very confused and then one of their classmates started laughing really hard. With her accent, it sounded like Girl #1 had said, "Man I hate Jews." Girl #2 is Jewish. You can understand her shock. Thankfully they are friends and once the misunderstanding was cleared up we all got a good laugh out of the situation!

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