Monday, March 30, 2009

Old Roomie Memories

Tonight Jenna and I went to dinner at Uno's Chicago Grill with Alex and Caitlin, Anah and Dan, and Maria. Maria is an old roomate of Alex and I back in our UW Madison days so of course we sat around discussing old times and all the fun we had. Maria was very brave to move into a house with 6 guys in it, but we did have a little fun with her at times. The picture below came up in conversation and I promised that I'd post it online for the world to see.
One night while Maria was sleeping peacefully in her room Alex and I had been out for a drink or 2 and thought it would be fun to sneak into Maria's room to wake her up and record it on camera. The room was completely dark, Alex snuck in, and I snapped this picture just in time to catch the horror on Maria's face. Priceless! We were also reminiscing about Russ's birthday party with Edward 40 hands and I felt compelled to put up this picture as well.
Thinking back to good times with the old roomies 5 years ago it just amazes me where we all are now. I never would have imagined that Maria, Alex, and I would be sitting around a table in Honduras at this stage of our lives with Nic coming down for a visit in a month. Makes me wonder where we'll all be 5 more years from now...

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Dan said...

good thing she put up with you clowns or my life would be a little different!!!