Sunday, March 8, 2009

Speedbumps are Dangerous

Friday, after school, I came home after a Spanish lesson and had decided to enjoy the sunny but not too hot weather and go for a nice run. Lately, I had been running in a guarded neighborhood pretty close to our house, but on Friday, I felt good and wanted a challenge. So I laced up my shoes and headed down the street. As I was enjoying the wonderful jog and was feeling pretty good about it, I turned down the street that heads to where a lot of the other teachers live, called Jardines. On this street there are many speedbumps, which the Honduran civil engineers have used for speed control, since the police don't have radar guns. Many of the speedbumps are not like the blacktop speedbumps from the states, but are actually a row of round metal pieces with spaces between the metal. They look kind of like hamburger buns trying to cross the street like baby ducklings. However, as I am running, a car comes up behind me and I step to the side to get farther on the edge of the road. I step on one of the speedbumps, my foot slips down the side of the speedbump, and I proceed to severely twist my ankle. As I am a good mile from home, I had to hobble home on a painful ankle, since in my hurry to go for a run, I had forgotten to grab some money for a cab, just in case this sort of thing happened.

As one can see by the photo, my left ankle is significantly larger than my right. I know that its not broken, and have been taking a steady diet of ibrupofen since it happened. The wine night I had planned for Friday night with the girls did happen, quite smoothly actually, with my foot elevated on a stool the whole night. I know that this incident is my own fault, but I did feel a bit sorry for myself, since I had to nurse my ankle all by myself this weekend due to Jesse having a visitor here from Wisconsin. They left me all alone and went out to the islands.

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Maggie said...

Wow, that looks painful! :( I'm sorry to hear about your fall. I hope that the swelling and pain goes down. Please keep us informed. Those sound like some vicious speed bumps they have down there!

And wine can only help. :)