Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finca in the Mountains Part 1

Yesterday Jenna and I along with 2 of our fellow teachers Katie and Kim went up into the mountains outside San Pedro with a bus driver from our school named Arturo and his wife Norma who is our maid. Arturo was born on the farm and was quite excited and proud to show it off to us eager gringos. We hopped into the back of Arturo's pickup truck and took the hour long journey up the mountain not quite sure what we were in for. Here's the farmhouse with the truck parked out in front.
From here Arturo took us around his family's land and showed us all the different plants that they cultivated. Most of the plants were entirely unknown to us including this one which I believe is called Lulo and apparently turns purple when ripe and tastes kind of like an orange.
The family's main crop is coffee and here you can see some coffee plants growing under a banana tree.
Arturo donated some of his land to build this school. It's a one room school house where kids who live in the surrounding mountains can come a few times a week for classes taught by the one and only teacher. You can tell a bit about this country's passion for soccer by the fact that even this tiny one room school house has a full sized soccer field in front of it!
Here is the inside of the school. Little Jonathan found a small educational electronic game and we helped him play it for a while. He was so proud of himself when he got questions right!
Right at the edge of the soccer field the mountain drops off quite rapidly as you can see and makes it quite possibly one of the best views from a soccer field in the country (when it's not cloudy). Understandably Arturo said it also makes for a few lost soccer balls!
If you've got to work the fields on a Saturday afternoon, this isn't a bad view to have while doing it! Later in the trip we saw that most of the veggies we buy at the supermarket in town are grown on incredibly steep hillsides just like this.
After the tour Norma made us some fresh and spectacular baleadas including hand making the tortillas.
Jonathan is Norma and Arturo's 2nd grade son and he really enjoys soccer. I'm fairly sure he can kick a ball harder than I can! After stuffing ourselves with baleadas we headed down to the soccer field to play and had a little Battle of the Sexes game. Here Jonathan and I are warming up before our glorious victory in the game
Our experience at the farm was great from the fantastic views and friendly family to the cool, fresh air. Just what we needed to refresh us for the last few weeks in Honduras!

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