Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finca in the Mountains Part 2 (Please read Part 1 first!)

As stated in the previous post, we took an hour long journey up into the mountains yesterday to see the farm of a Honduran family. After the wonders of the farm our day went in an entirely different direction on the ride home. Arturo wanted to show us "where the rivers are born" and so we took a left at the end of the farm road instead of a right and headed further up the mountain. It started to rain along the way and Arturo asked if we still wanted to keep going as we were in the back of the truck, and feeling adventurous we said yes. By the time we got to this waterfall, the birthplace of one of the rivers, we were all soaked and a bit chilly.
We continued on to another waterfall just up the road where a second river was born. At this point Arturo asked if we would like to turn around and go back the same way or to a different way. Having already ridden in the back of a truck for 1.5 hours, we asked which way was shorter and when he said going back the same way that's what we chose. However, Arturo had other things in mind apparently and kept asking if we wanted to go the long way until he finally just made the decision himself and off we went. Now we assumed that the long way would be at most 2 hours or so but we were sadly mistaken. Although going up and down mountains on one lane dirt/rock/mud roads along cliffs several hundred feet above the valley floor in the back of a 1980-something pickup truck for 5 hours may sound fun to you, I assure you that it's not quite all you might dream it is. I can't complain too much because some of the views were breathtaking, but suffice it to say that all of us are a bit sore today and were slightly unhappy that it took so long. We stopped about 3 hours into the trip at this river. You might notice something that sort of resembles a road behind the truck to the right and ask yourself, "Well just where does that road go from there? I don't see a bridge over the river!" Those same questions went through our heads as we plunged into the river in the back of the truck, got stuck in the middle for a few harrowing seconds, but finally made it across the 3 foot deep, boulder strewn river floor and continued our journey home.
The kids did enjoy a good swim in the river before we forded it Oregon Trail style. Luckily none of our oxen died or we might not have made it back!
By the time we got back to San Pedro there were 11 people crammed into the back of the pickup truck as we had picked up some people looking for a ride into town and our bruising was complete. I even made up a song about the journey to the tune of This is the Song that Never Ends from the TV show Lamb Chop's Play-Along. Here are the lyrics (try not to let it get stuck in your head): This is the ride that doesn't end, It just goes on and on my friend, Arturo started driving and he took the long way, And he'll continue driving the rest of the day (and then repeat the whole thing just like Lamp Chop and friends did). All in all it was a great day, and though it was a bit rough at times and I'm being a little dramatic with my story, we really had a good time and would do it all again.

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