Monday, June 1, 2009

Earthquake Survival Guide

So this last Wednesday night/Thursday morning, ar 2:25am, an earthquake hit Honduras. It was off the coast of the island of Roatan on a fault line in the ocean. It woke us up in San Pedro Sula, approximately 175 miles away. A 7.3 magnitude quake that caused tsunami warnings on the island and damage to a few hotels in the city of San Pedro, and 6 casualties. I'm starting to think that I am a magnet of natural disasters (been in: two hurricanes, one typhoon, and one earthquake. Seen: three funnel clouds form). This is not a major faultline, but it did cause a quake back in the late 90's. It woke everybody up, since it was still about a 5.0 when it hit San Pedro. Our bed was shaking pretty bad! Jesse loved it, since he taught earthquakes this year, and it wasn't too bad of a shake. School was cancelled the next day, but we couldn't make the best use of our time since the pool was closed. I'll post some of the pictures of landslides and earthquake damage later.

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