Friday, June 5, 2009

Honduran Service Does Exist!

I know that I've fallen behind in blogging, and I will post earthquake photos soon I promise, however, I had to write about an incredible event that occurred today. Caitlin and I went to Yolanda's Hair Salon today for haircuts and pedicures, when it started to rain. As we're leaving, the security guard asked us where we were parked. We had taken Jesse's car and were parked about a block away. He proceeded to hand us an umbrella to use while we walked to the car so our hair wouldn't get ruined. As we walked to the car, we were discussing how we were going to get the umbrella back to the salon. The security guard must be well practiced in this type of situation because right when we got to the car, he ran after us to collect the umbrella and wish us a good day. Talk about service!!

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