Sunday, June 7, 2009

Good-bye Honduras! We will miss you.

Tonight, as I am listening to Jesse finalize his packing, and as my bags are packed and ready to go, I am getting a little misty-eyed (again, yes, again) about the two years I have spent in this country. I have made some incredible friends, some that will be for life, others that will be fond memories that I will never forget. I came to this country a green, brand new college graduate, and now feel like a (somewhat) experienced adult. I am very greatful to the opportunity I was given, for both years, to make mistakes, personally and professionally, and grow from them. I will be back in Wisconsin for 5 weeks, and then another big adventure starts- Jesse and I making the huge move to Paraguay. On my last night in this tropical country, I would like to reminisce about some Honduran adventures...
- the three day hurricane vacation, playing cards in the courtyard
- playing tourist in Tela the first weekend and being amazed at the ocean
- Jesse's doorknob with two twisty handles
- a moldy fridge and no electricity for two weeks
- endless hot weekends at the Copantl pool
- hospital food during my five day vacay at Hospital del Valle
- hiking Coca-Cola, then eating baleadas for breakfast
- taking Justin and Amy to Roatan
- the first Honduran soccer game
- my sandal getting stolen at the movie theater
- Juan in a million (just for you Alex!)
- caca de agua
- the goats that "mow" the soccer field grass
- the incredible road trip from Honduras, through Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico
- a flat tire in Choluteca
- my student accidently hitting himself, yelling out, oh my eggs....
- a flat tire in Belize
- playing cards at the neighbors' house countless, countless times
- Dick in a Box costumes
- hiking the volcano in Guatemala and burning ourselves getting too close to the lava
- the 8 hour turtle hike in Nicaragua, which resulted in only one dead, 1/2 decomposed turtle being sighted and four hysterical gringos
- mispronouncing words in Spanish class so they accidently turned dirty or silly
- Alex and Caitlin's engagement dinner
- the crowded streets after Honduran soccer games
- doing a phone job interview during a flood
- the earthquake, and Jesse telling me the S-waves we were feeling
- learning to scuba dive and spending my 23rd b-day diving
- seeing porpoises on our way to the Belize Cayes
- being terrified of Marco's driving, then not blinking as he flew around cars
I know that I am missing some huge ones, and that's okay. My time spent here has been an amazing experience that definitely has allowed me to laugh and cry- sometimes at the same time, be bewildered and enlightened, to grow and let go. This country has some problems, but it has some promise too. Honduras- you have made me a better person; I will never be the same. I'd also like to think maybe you've made me a little catracha too. Good luck Honduras, I will see you again some day.

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Caitlin said...

Me gusta este post! It makes me want to add on like one of those chain emails :) :)
-losing my flip flops at Guamilito
-green drinks on school nights
-sit-ups and wine during Jeopardy
....and on and on
I hope we live in the same country again some day, I miss you already!!!!