Thursday, May 20, 2010


Barbecuing here in Paraguay is an art form since people here love their meat so much. Families get together every Sunday for an asado (Spanish for BBQ), so I have started to do some weekend asados myself to practice this new-found art form.

The first challenge with asados is that the charcoal here is very different than that in the States and is very difficult to light (as anyone who lived in Honduras with us can testify to). It takes some alcohol (dumped on the charcoal as lighter fluid, not the drinking kind), fanning with a special asado hand fan, and patience to get the coals just right. This took me a few tries to perfect, but I think it's going pretty well now. Then you have to get used to the different cuts of meat (and the corresponding vocabulary) here which don't exactly correspond to those found elsewhere. After 8 months or so I figured out the cut that I like best which is called Bife de Chorizo and roughly corresponds to a Sirloin Strip steak in the States. Would you believe that I can buy 4 of these steaks for about $5 here and they are great quality grass fed beef?
Anyway one of the best features of our apartments, and most nice apartments and houses in Paraguay, is the built in asado grill in our patio area.

If you look closely you will see a crank at the top right of the grill opening. This crank adjusts the grill up...

and down.

Pretty sweet right? All this adjustability, 4 nice bife de chorizo steaks, and some nice spicy chorizo sausage made for a nice asado this day and just one of the many to come.

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