Friday, June 25, 2010

Paraguay Year 1 in Photos

Well since Jenna posted about what we are looking forward to in Wisconsin over the next month, on our last day before heading back I thought it would be appropriate to post a look back over our year. Most of these pictures have appeared on the blog at some point during the year (so I apologize to those few loyal readers who will have already seen them all), but they represent the best of what we've done in South America so far and are some of my personal favorites from the year. Enjoy and we'll see most of you very soon!
The classic picture of the moai quarry at Ranu Raraku on Easter Island.

Ahu Tongariki the largest collection of moai on Easter Island.

Machu Picchu which appeared clearly to us after 24 hours straight of rain on the Inca Trail.

A condor in Colca Canyon in Peru (which is actually deeper than the Grand Canyon).

An old cattle loading gate in a field in southern Chile.

View from the lighthouse at Cabo Polonio in Uruguay.

Valparaiso, Chile the day after Christmas when a nearby forest fire was raining ash on the town and making the whole place look like an antique photograph.

Part of Iguazu Falls on the Argentine side.

Plaza de San Francisco in Quito, Ecuador.

Paraguay vs. Argentina game where Paraguay qualified for the World Cup!

Me taking a look down over Quito from near the peak of Rucu Pichincha.

The famous colorful houses and buildings of the "La Boca" neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

Me standing on the Ecuator!

Our HOG! (OK so it's only a 150 cc Leopard)

Plaza de Heroes in downtown Asuncion.

A few of my chemistry students on our last day of class.

Last but not least (and I'm still amazed by this some days) the cobblestone street that we live on.


Caitlin said...

Loooove this post!

alopezbarton said...

Nice post. It is kind of amazing all the stuff you did this year. I also love the fact that the picture of you and your students has the world cup game on in the background.

Chaya said...

Great pics! Hope y'all are enjoying your time in the States!