Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer in Wisco

After completing our first year in Paraguay, we journeyed to Wisconsin for some family and stateside time. We never stopped moving the entire four weeks we were home, but it felt good to be around back. Since most of our readers were with us at one point or another during our stay, I’ll keep the commentary short, but rest assured, it was a good month. There’s nothing better than Wisconsin in the summertime.

Jesse is pretty set in his ways about a few things, and one of those things is seeing baseball live at least once per year. As an avid BrewCrew fan, that means of course, a Brewers’ game! We combined families a bit, with my dad, Justin, Amy and Jake, going with Jesse’s Mom, Gail, Greg and Anna. Tailgating is of course a for sure thing!

We were lucky that, while visiting Tricia in Minneapolis, there were seats available for a Minnesota Twins game during the inauguration year for their new stadium, Target Field. It is a beautiful field, with wonderful views of the Minneapolis skyline. We actually ended up with good seats, right behind home plate.

After Minneapolis, it was Cabin and Hodag time! A few days for the 4th of July spent with my family, lounging around on inner tubes on the lake, catching up with everyone. Jesse and I got to try out our new tent, and I think it will work wonderfully on our next vacation. I regret not taking more pictures of our time at June’s cabin, but sometimes its dangerous taking a camera out on the water!

At Hodag, there were a few celebrations- one for Elena’s 50th birthday, and another Hodag Christmas celebration for us- complete with a Christmas tree, carols (courtesy of Tricia and Gail), and cookies.

My last little trip was out to Minneapolis for a second time to catch up with Maggie and see her new apartment. We had a blast, hanging out and enjoying wine on the patio. And I had to include the skyline view from Maggie’s street- just incredible!

The time went by quick, and I’m pretty sure Jess and I traveled over 1500 miles during the month, it felt great to see everyone and feast ourselves on all that Wisconsin has to offer. Namely, really good beer, brats, and cheese.

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alopezbarton said...

Since you guys are never on skype I thought I would comment. The baseball games look awesome and I am jealous that I could not make it to one. Looks like you guys had a blast and I miss you guys tons. Hope to see you soon and hope to talk to you sooner.