Monday, August 22, 2011

U20 World Cup Final Part 1

One day last week I walked home from school with a friend who introduced me to a portero, or doorman, at an apartment building up the street because he sells bootleg movies out of the lobby. While we were looking through the movie selection, he asked us if we were giong to the World Cup final in a few days. One thing led to another and Adam, Zach, Bob and I ended up with tickets to the Under 20 World Cup Final on Saturday night. The final was between Brazil and Portugal but the tickets included the 3rd place game between France and Mexico so we headed down to the stadium for a marathon day of soccer entertainment!

A picture to prove that I had a ticket.

We had to go through 3 different security checkpoints outside the stadium.

It was raining when we got there so most fans were hanging out under the stands to stay dry before the games started.

I spotted this guy making an interesting choice in lower body attire (he turned out to be a technician for the closing show of the World Cup which took place between games... more on this in Part 2 of this post).

The teams listening to the national anthems before the 3rd place game in the rain.

Our seats were in the 6th row (the first 3 rows were unoccupied) about 20 yards from the corner post. This meant that once the rain slowed and the game started we were gloriously close to the action and were able to take some great pics of the game and festivities that went along with it.

This picture of me was only slightly down and over to the right from our seats.

World Cup mascot.

Mexico won the game 3 - 1 and provided us with an good game as a buildup for what was to come. Read part 2 of the World Cup Final post to find out what the guy in the Utilikilt did later.

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