Wednesday, August 10, 2011

World Cup Under 20

For the past two weeks, the under 20 World Cup has been taking place in Colombia. This is the biggest sporting event ever held in Colombia, and after speaking with a few people who have been here for awhile, a lot of construction and prep work in the city was done in preparation. Colombia won their first few games, so they exited the group stage number one in their group. Jesse and I have watched the games, either at one of the thousands of bars in the area, or at home.

Last night was the first game of the elimination round, Colombia vs. Costa Rica. I was exhausted, so I thought going to bed early would be a good idea. Unfortunately for me, Colombia scored three times, which resulted in everyone in the neighborhood cheering; waking me up with each goal and at the end of the game. The next game is against Mexico on Saturday. I think I'll just stay up and watch that one.

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alopezbarton said...

Sorry to hear that you couldn't sleep, but what were you thinking? I'm glad you decided to stay up for the Mexico vs. Colombia game. I just hope you are cheering for Mexico.