Sunday, August 14, 2011

Villa de Leyva

A few weeks ago, our school took all the new staff to a town about 4 hours outside of Bogota for orientation. Villa de Leyva is in the desert part of the country and was where the declaration of independence was signed for Colombia from Spain. We stayed at a beautiful hotel just outside of the main town, complete with its own chapel and wonderful grounds that we could walk around.
The first night there, the school brought the dance teachers from school and we had a dance party. Jesse chose not to participate and was our photographer instead.
Here's the view of the area from the hotel.
The main plaza of Villa de Leyva. We visited a few museums in the town including an archeological museum. The valley where the city is located was once undersea, and since its so dry, fossils have been preserved.
We got to take a chiva, or party bus, into town. This is something that is done a lot in Colombia- a chiva is rented and then people party while they are driven around an area. The school provided this for us, including a few drinks to enjoy on the way!
A highlight of the weekend was a fruit exhibition. We got to see and taste a bunch of the different exotic fruits that are available in Colombia.
One of the other middle school teachers has a place out in Villa de Leyva. She has invited us to join her sometime there and see more of the town. Hopefully, we will be able to take her up on her offer.

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