Sunday, July 19, 2009

Arrival in Paraguay

We have arrived! I know some of you expected an entry immediately upon arrival, however, it was a long day of traveling! We had a three hour delay in Detroit, and some problems in security in New York. Six airports, five flights, and 28 hours later we made it! The amazing thing is that our luggage made it too!! All six bags. Its a bit chilly here in Asuncion, especially to my Honduran heat adjusted body. The architecture and the plant life are very similar to Honduras, and other things are too, like police checkpoints, and guards around houses with razor wire. We can walk almost everywhere though, including to school, grocery stores and malls. It is very nice to be able to get around without a vehicle or taxis. We moved into our new condo two days ago and I will be posting pictures once we finish getting the house put together. We did some shopping yesterday to get the house ready- we bought a fridge and a TV. I almost had a heartattack purchasing the two large appliances; they cost 5,000,000 guaranis. The ratio from Guarani to USD is 5,000 to 1. So basically, we're millionaires. More entries and photos will be added once internet is set up at the condo.


alopezbarton said...

I'm super stoked that you guys made it there safe and with all your luggage. I thought for sure one of you was going to kill the other one, with that many flights. Jesse should have taken a pimp cup down there now that you guys are millionaires, damn the life of big ballers. I can't wait for pictures, you know me impatient as can be, I'm actually checking your blog twice daily.

Lopez Out!

Maggie said...

YAY! Congrats on making there safely. That's a lot of flights and travel. I can't wait to see the pictures! Miss you!