Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Apartment

Our apartment is a bit of a work in progress but we like it overall and are trying to make it our own. It is a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom apartment in a 6 apartment condo on a small side street here in Asuncion. Since Asuncion is an old city (aparently it used to be the most important Spanish city in South America) there are plenty of older buildings and all of the streets used to be cobblestone. Since our street isn't important, it still is cobblestone.
Here is the entrance to our complex. There is a guard at the gate 24/7 and our apartment is the first one on the left.
This is the entrance to our apartment. The windows on the left are in our living room and the pipe you see is from our fireplace!
The living room here still needs a few decorations and the couches are kind of ratty so we're thinking of getting them reupholstered which apparently is kind of cheap here.
Behind the living room is the dining room as you can see here. The decorations on the wall might look a little familiar to those of you who visited in Honduras.
Our kitchen is kind of small but the fridge, toaster, and coffee maker are all brand spankin' new! The open door in the back leads to the maid's quarters which consists of 2 rooms with our washer and dryer, a bathroom, and a separate small patio area with clothes lines in it.
We have another patio area behind the living room with a built in barbecue on the left side (this is a view from the second floor master bedroom).
This is the master bedroom on the second floor.
Last but not least is the crown jewel of the condo... our pool! It's small and shared between the 6 apartments but it's still a pool and it's gonna be fantastic when it's 110 degrees outside!


Anonymous said...

Hey jenna!! Glad to hear that you guys got there alright and all in once piece! Miss you tons!! Can't wait to see and hear more about your adventures!!
The Stremkowski's

Maggie said...

Bizz and I gotta come visit you down there! The place looks great! I hope you're feeling at home and are starting to settle in.

Dan said...

Looks awesome! Glad you are having fun! The patio is gorgeous :-)