Friday, July 24, 2009

Low Temperatures and Social Gatherings

Over the past week and a half, there have been many meet-and-greet opportunities for us to get to know everybody. Our superintendent had a very nice cocktail and asada party last week, and last night we started a tradition- the Moveable Feast. Every Thursday, someone will host a dinner get together, potluck style. Last night, we went to my teaching partner Tim and his wife Molly's house. They have a beautiful dog named Sandy, and a cute older home with a great yard. The plan was to have the feast outside in that great yard, however, with the chilly temps we've been having, an outside endeavor was just not possible. The feast was a great time and I'm looking forward to hosting it at our place sometime soon.

In regards to the low temperature part of the title, it is ridiculously cold here. Now, I know, I'm from Wisconsin, a little chill in the air shouldn't bother me. But it is really cold! Today's high was around 50 degrees, which is a great spring or fall day in Wiscoland. But in Asuncionland, its cold! The reason why is because the houses are built for maximun airflow for the hot summer months. No insulation. To add to the no insulation aspect, there are not heating units. Most houses have fireplaces or air conditioner/ space heaters. But at the good ol' J & J casa, our fireplace doesn't have a screen or doors to contain the fire, and our air conditioner/space heaters don't have a heat option. So the houses are very drafty and usually are colder than the outside. To which most Wisconsinites would still say, its still in the 40's. What are you complaining about?? To which I say, I'm cold. I haven't had below 60 in two years. When does summer arrive??


alopezbarton said...

You should just play a whole lot of fifa and get really into it. That should warm you up, and if thats still not enough do what the russians do and drink vodka.

Maggie said...

I must say that that's close to my favorite temperature. But I could see where there would be a problem if you're not used to it anymore. :-) Hopefully it will warm up for you!

Sara said...

now that you're talking my language guess you guys will have to move back to California when you come back to the states (and convince Alex & Caitlin to also!). Hope all is going well down there and you guys are enjoying the new adventure!
aka Little Lopez