Sunday, August 2, 2009

El Tren al Lago San Bernadino

One week ago exactly, all the newbies, Jesse and I included, went on a train ride to the close by lake San Bernadino. The train is the oldest train in South America and still runs on steam power. It basically is a tourist attraction, and on the train ride we had some entertainment. It was a neat experience and it got us out of the city to see some of the countryside.
Here Jesse and I are on the train. It is still chilly. Check out Jesse's hat!
Me, looking out the window of the train.
This is the engine. It is still the original engine used from 150 years ago.
A picture of the lake. It looks really picturesque. For $20 we could take a little spin on the boat in the lake, but its a bit chilly for that.
The town that we went to was called Aregua, which is known for its pottery. We didn't really see anything that jumped out at us to decorate our house with, but it was a nice day trip away.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse and Jenna! Alex's mom here. He showed me your blog - I'll be looking forward to learning more about South America from your blog. (Maybe I will even learn to stop confusing Uruguay and Paraguay!) Best of luck on your new adventure!