Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mi cumpleanos

This last Tuesday was my 25th birthday. Since turning 21, I have to admit, I've had some cool birthdays- 22nd eating apple pie in Japan, 23rd scuba diving in Honduras- and now my 25th in Paraguay. As an elementary student, I was always jealous of the kids who had birthdays during the school year, and their moms would bring in cupcakes and the class would sing Happy Birthday. Well, this year I got my wish.

My students asked me on the first day of school last week when my birthday was, and since they found out it was going to be during the second week of school, they started planning. I was interviewed about my favorite cake and cookie types, and what types of material things I like. One girl even started a petition to the principal to allow me to sleep in on my birthday. Well, my birthday came, and I was immediately bombarded with presents from my students. I got two pairs of earrings, a bracelet, homemade chocolate chip muffins, Bath and Body Works lotion and soap (you can't find it here, I got them from an embassy family), perfume, and miscellaneous cards. The students were incredibly sweet and sang happy birthday twice during the day.

At 3:15, a parent came into my room and asked me to take the kids down to the cafeteria/cantina. They had a birthday party for me! The kids sang happy birthday again, and we ate snacks together.
Several of my students showing their excitement for the day.

My students gave me a card with a photo of all of them, a huge birthday cake (its still only 1/2 gone 5 days later) and a nice shirt.

I shared my birthday with one of my students and two other teachers. After my party, I came home and the girls and I went to pilates. After returning home, Jesse took me out to dinner and gave me a coupon for a non-complaining shoe shopping trip and a travel coffee mug with a picture of Jackson on it! Everyone was really sweet and I really had a wonderful day.

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