Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So, five other teachers and I have decided to take a pilates class at a local women's-only gym. Last night was our first class. Now, we aren't taking a pilates mat class or a ball class. We are taking a reformer class, which uses a torture like contraption called a reformer bed. Its got pulleys, bars, and cables attached everywhere! Its a new experience for me and it was difficult for me to do everything because it was so different. I used some muscles last night I haven't used in quite a while. Classes are twice a week and I'm excited to get some muscles put back on me. I am also starting (tonight is the first night) to train for a 10K run in November with two other teachers. There is a local park called Parque de la Salud, that has a 1500m loop and is right by school. We'll see how tired I get doing all this exercising!!


Maggie said...

Ooh, sounds like a good workout! You're reminding me I need to workout as well! I don't think I'd even last a second in that class, so props to you!

Chaya said...

Yay for pilates again tonight! :)