Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Brunch, a Hash Run, and a PTA Picnic

This past weekend was quite a busy one! I'm sorry I don't have any pictures of the festivities, maybe one of these days I'll remember to bring my camera with me. We started off the weekend on Saturday morning with a small brunch at my neighbor's house. I say small because of the amount of people, it was not a small amount of food! It was the first time since I moved here that I've had an actual cooked breakfast (breakfast burritos) and I stuffed myself! I don't think it helped that we made mimosas too! Now, I've never had a mimosa before, but they may have become my new favorite drink.

Our brunch went until 2:30, when I left to do a Hash Run. I've never heard of this before, so its a new thing for me. Apparently, the Hash House Harriers is a running club that operates runs throughout the world. A worker at the embassy has started one here about a month ago. They are generally biweekly runs, with dead ends, beer stops, and a flour trail to follow. I went to the one yesterday with a few other "virgens" and I decided to walk it since running on cobblestones doesn't seem like a good idea with my ankle track record. We had a good time laughing and searching for the trail, and when we finished, I realized that we had to chug beer. There was also a song and few other interesting aspects of the group. I'm not sure yet if this will become a fixture in my routine or not, but it was a nice way to see new parts of the city.

Finally, today was the PTA picnic at school. Jesse and I had signed up to play in a parents vs. teachers volleyball tournament. I played with 5 other elementary teachers, and we had fun, but man, the parents were good! We got creamed! Jesse also played in a pick-up basketball game and he played soccer against some parents too. The picnic also had a raffle (we didn't win the trip to Miami) and an asado (barbecue). It wasn't too bad, although I really wish we could have won something valuable!

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