Thursday, August 20, 2009

August Birthday Parties

Coincedentally, there are quite a few teachers at our school with August birthdays. Two share my birthday, one is three days later, and another is 11 days after. In order to celebrate all of these birthdays, the "big house" threw a celebratory party. (The "Big House" is a very large house where 5 teachers live- huge back yard). Now, this wasn't just your everyday college-esque party. This party had a theme. A white trash theme. Many people (mainly Paraguayans) prepared themselves for the party by googleing images and shopping a little bit around town. However, Jesse and I, being from Wisconsin, had everything we needed for our costumes in our own apartamento- no need to shop here!
Here are all of the August birthday girls (+ Lorenzo) looking in fine form. Someone had even thought of providing birthday hats for us.
Jesse and I are always the classy couple. And to clarify, yes those blue pants did come to Paraguay with me from the states; yes, Jesse did bring a lime green bandana from Hodag; and yes, that is my orange cell phone stuffed into my bra. Oh and yes, that is a forty I am holding and Jesse has a can coozy. Like I said, classy.

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Maggie said...

Classiness all around. That's why we love you. MB and I neeeeed to take a trip down to see you this time around. And when we do, we'll dress like that.