Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting to know Paraguay

The school has been helping us get to know Paraguayan customs and culture by taking us around to do some things in town. Last Saturday we went downtown to see some of the government buildings, historic buildings, and other sites. We saw the changing of the guard ceremony at the Plaza de Heroes which honors most of the important figures in Paraguay's history which consist mostly of soldiers and Jesuit priests.
We were then taken to The Expo which can best be described as the Paraguayan version of the state fair. There were a ton of artesan stands and food stands as you might imagine and we had plenty of food options to choose from. While wandering around we came across this and Jenna had to have her picture alongside it. If we didn't tell you we were in Paraguay, you might have guessed Wisconsin...
They had an equestrian competition going on so we stopped by to watch it for a while. I have never seen equestrian live before (only on TV during the Olympics) so it was a new experience for me. From left in the picture are: Amy, Chaya, Sara, and Jenna.
Apparently moving south of the equator has already improved my soccer skills so much that I made the Paraguayan National Team... World Cup here I come!
On the way out of the Expo we heard some Michael Jackson playing at the Claro stage (interestingly Claro and Tigo are the 2 dominant cell phone companies here just as they were in Honduras) and stopped to see what was happening. We were surprised and amused to see a dancing chicken with some incredible moves grooving on stage. The chicken danced solo and also pulled people from the crowd that had gathered up on stage to dance with him. It was the highlight of the day.

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