Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Actual Full- Size Mattress Anyone?

Jesse and I have been noticing lately that our bed appears to be a little bit smaller than a normal full size mattress, which face it, Jesse is too big for a full size anyway. Well, we recently acquired a key to our spare bedroom, which the school is using as storage for extra household items, including mattresses! So Jesse, using the broom as an accurate and precise measuring system, determined that our bed was about 6 inches smaller than the other mattresses in the spare room. So we switched them! An hour later, after moving two other mattresses out of the way, ripping plastic off of one boxspring, we had the bigger mattress in our bedroom. Then we start making the bed, only to discover that our sheets don't fit this mattress- its too big! We switched the mattresses back, and are defeated in our attempt at getting a slightly bigger mattress to sleep on. We have no idea what size the one mattress was, because it definitely wasn't a queen, but it wasn't a full size either. One and a half hours later, nothing was different in our apartment, except that we were really sweaty and exhausted!

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Bizzle said...

I've heard of in between sizes...such as a California King. I'm not sure what yours would be called. That's stupid.

So when I move in with you and Jesse, I should bring my own sheets? ;)