Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

This past weekend was Thanksgiving. There was school on Thursday, a half day of typical Honduran games then it was freedom for three and a 1/2 days. There were a couple of options of where to go and what to do, however, with the snafoo of the residency cards, I decided to just stay home. It actually turned out to be a nice weekend. Jesse, Alex, Caitlin, and myself went to a restaurant called Bonsai for Thanksgiving dinner. Bonsai is a Japanese restaurant.

This is Alex and Jesse's sashimi boat. They split it for dinner.

Myself and my Thanksgiving dinner. Not quite as exciting as Jesse's, but I think it tastes better.

Friday, the four of us went on a hike on one of the surrounding mountains. There is a path up the mountain to the words Coca-Cola (kind of like the Hollywood sign) on the mountain. We walked most of the way there, then hiked up the mountain. Below are some of the beautiful pictures of the city from the mountain. Since it has rained recently, there wasn't a cloud of smog and pollution covering the city.
We tried to find our house, but we were just too far up to find it. We could find other buildings and landmarks in the city though.

After hiking the Coca-Cola, we walked down into the city for some lunch. Saturday and Sunday were spent lounging at the pool, and catching up on some reading.

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