Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Murder in San Pedro

This past weekend, the vice president of the Senate in Honduras was gunned down in a neighborhood not far from his home. His friend and lawyer was gunned down with him. He was up for re-election in January. The extremely sad aspect of this tragedy is that the vice president of the senate had three children, all of whom are under 18. Alex, Jesse, and Caitlin have his daughter in 8th grade. I'm reminded again, of how corruption works and that the country of Honduras is not as stable as the U.S. is. The murderers will most likely never be incarcerated, or even caught. Whether this politician was involved in bad dealings or not, I do not know. What's worse is that this is not an completely out of place phenomenon. If someone's parent was murder in central Wisconsin, the entire school would attend the funeral and the counselor would give large group sessions to help students deal with the event. Here, its not exactly commonplace, but its not out of the ordinary. We take for granted our safety in the U.S. and how well our judicial system actually works (most of the time). It definitely makes me think from a different perspective.

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