Sunday, November 23, 2008

Conference in Tegucigalpa

This past weekend, four hard working teacher from EIS middle school joined teachers from the other divisions to attend a teacher's conference in Honduras' capital- Tegucigalpa. We left school early on Thursday, which one of my students was very unhappy about.
Five extremely cramped hours, and only one short stop later, we arrived in Tegucigalpa. The best part of the weekend, was the hotel where we stayed- the Mariott!!! Jesse and I were on the 7th floor with an amazing view of the city.
The thing about Teguc is that it actually feels like a big city, with tall skycrapers, and houses built into the surrounding moutainside. The climate in Teguc is also a lot cooler. We wore sweatshirts and jackets most of the time, while some native Tegucians were wearing mittens and scarves. The premise of the conference was teachers sharing what they do in their classroom with other teachers. The problem was that there wasn't a lot of seminars for middle school or high school. I had plenty to go to, but Jesse, Alex, and Caitlin had a little bit more trouble. Caitlin and I did go to the only art related seminar entitled: Green Art. The synopsis of this seminar stated that they were using recycled items to create art work. What we actually did was create cookie cutter art projects using paper plates and construction paper.
I really felt like I used a lot of recycled goods; can't you see the recycled newspaper in my turkey?
Caitlin is very proud of her turkey. Since Caitlin teaches art, this seminar was hard for her, because this isn't "green" art!
Overall, I learned a couple of things from the weekend, which Ximena (middle school principal) said is all that we can ask for; learning a few things at each conference we attend. The best part of the weekend was the hotel room, which included a king sized bed. Jesse actually fit in it. Amazing!


Caitlin said...

At least your reindeer has 2 antlers....

Maggie said...

Well, it looks like you made the most of it. You look great!