Saturday, November 1, 2008

My New Hobby

I think that most people start blogs when they are embarking on a new adventure, or are making a change in their life. Well, I just got tired of sending mass emails out and finding out that day to day details of my life weren't getting across to those I care about. So after some very careful deliberation, (Jesse decided that I need a hobby) I have decided to start a blog. After that very big decision was made, then the all important decision of what to call my blog appeared. That took a good three to four days. Most of the ideas that I came up with were already taken, which dampered my spirit for a blog. This morning, as Jesse was coming up with inappropriate blog names, he came up with the alliteration of Wandering Wisconsinite. I liked it, I asked Caitlin (neighbor from downstairs- also a Wandering Wisconsinite) what she thought about the blog name, we deliberated for a few minutes, then it was decided. Its a go. My goal for this blog (other than to give me a hobby- we haven't had cable since we moved into our new apartment) is to write not only about the big vacations that Jesse and I go on, but also to incorporate a little of our day to day life in San Pedro Sula. I hope that my computer illiterate family members can manage to open this blog as easily as an email attachment.

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