Monday, November 3, 2008

New Furniture

So Jesse and I have now been living in my apartment for officially one whole week. It took only a few days for it to feel more homey than Jesse's apartment, and we did add a few things.

This is our living room/dining room. Notice the great lawn chair in the corner! We are waiting for our recliner to show up.

This is our wonderful kitchen! I'm a fan of the countertop on the right and the cupboard space.

Our dining room with the wonderful painting from Nicaragua on the wall. I like the cut-out area between the kitchen and dining area.

Now finally, the addition! Stools!!! I love countertops like this, and as soon as I walked into this apartment, I knew that I wanted to get stools for the countertop. Now these stools are handmade from a guy in San Pedro. The lovely cost for these stools?? $15 for the pair! I felt I could spend the money to have stools to sit on at the countertop.

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