Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Is the sky falling?

So in the last few weeks, since the rainy season started, a mysterious event keeps occurring. Bits and pieces of the 9 month old middle school building are falling down. It has been very Chicken Little-esque. Not long after the east side of the second floor ceiling fell down, the west side ceiling over the stair case has decided to fall down as well.

Fantastic isn't it?

This is Dan, Jesse's really good friend, who also followed Jesse to Honduras and had the ceiling right outside his classroom collapse.

Gotta love the way Hondurans build their buildings! Yesterday morning, I came into school, unlocked my classroom door, and turned on my lights and fans. When a piece of ceiling tile fell shortly thereafter, it hit the ceiling fan and proceeded to shatter into many pieces of fiberglass all over my room. Luckily for me, Caitlin didn't have class on Tuesday morning so I was forced to relocate my classes for the day into the art room.

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Jaren said...

It's a good thing that ceiling tile that fell looks to be the very light and cheap stuff.